Osteen, Central Florida

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Gentle, effective, family-oriented methods Experienced instructors

Gentle, effective, family-oriented methods Experienced instructors

Gentle, effective, family-oriented methods Experienced instructors Gentle, effective, family-oriented methods Experienced instructors

Download/complete class registration form

Send it back as an attachment. Contact us if you need any assistance with online payment & class signup -- we are happy to help you. 

If you don't get a chance to send your form in ahead of your orientation (which is your first training class with your dog), you may aso print your completed form to save time at that first session (discounts may not apply). 

Once you register and attend your orientation class, you will get an email that reads something like this: 

One more step!
Best Paw Forward Inc. has given you access to their private pages. 

You will be invited to create a password to give you full access to the Student Handouts page ( https://bestpaw.com/m/login?r=%2Fstudent-handouts ) on this web site where you will find our extensive handouts. You will have 20 days of access to allow you time to download to your desktop, laptop & smartphones and save for future reference (let us know about any problems getting into the files).

Pay in advance online for $10 off regular price, plus other discounts detailed at https://bestpaw.com/discount-opportunities (all available with advance payment only)

Read one of the Getting Ready downloads below

Appointment calendar below this section helps you set up an orientation time before your PuppyLove or Basic Manners session

Let us know at registration or orientation if you will be away during any of your regular class days. 

We include extra weeks for free makeup dates for planned events and for serious emergencies (more details below).

Class/registration rules, guidelines, reminders

Beginner series prices

  • $195 / 10 weeks Osteen, 7 weeks DeLand
  • Automatic $10 discount for registering/paying online at least one day before orientation
  • See Discounts page - more cost savings, work study, barter opportunities  https://bestpaw.com/discount-opportunities
  •  Returning students bringing their next dogs to PuppyLove or Basic Manners pay $150 if they register & pay in advance (discount code WelcomeBack) 
  • Extra discount for clinic clients taking class at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, DeLand (discount code SpringOaks)
  • Our GoDaddy web page only allows 20 days of access to download extensive class materials. Please alert us to any download issues so we can submit your page permission again. Those materials contain a great deal of information & reminders
  • Private makeup classes in Osteen  $25 per hour throughout series weeks

Free agility introduction

 PuppyLove & Basic Manners sessions in Osteen include Jump Start free optional agility equipment introduction.  

DeLand students may also attend Osteen sessions free (when space permits) during your series dates. 

 Emergency class postponement 

 Our very-rare emergency class cancellation announcements are posted on the web page, voicemail & via Facebook. A last-minute emergency would include a phone call, text &/or e-mail to students in that session.

Outdoor sessions can move indoors for rainy, cold & very hot weather in Osteen, & do not affect our mostly-indoor classes in DeLand at all. 

 There are even many agility skills that can be practiced indoors to prepare you and your dog.

Multiple Household Members in Class

  • All household members encouraged to participate in training dogs in class & at home. 
  •  For some exercises there is one handler at a time per dog in class but adults may trade off as handlers during class. 
  • At least one person who has attended an orientation session must be at each session
  • All handlers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult in all classes unless special permission has been obtained from Best Paw Forward Inc. 

Footwear guidelines


  • Secure, athletic-style footwear that will not slip off
  • Non-slip or rubber soles
  • High-heeled & platform footwear prohibited
  • Sandals & open-toed shoes not allowed in agility & other programs. You may run agility & training exercises barefoot, weather permitting (children need consent of an adult). The adult party is responsible for all consequences. We have acres of grass in rich dark dirt so it's cool to the touch all year round! (No sandspurs)

Extra group classes free

Free drop-ins included in Osteen group classes, class size permitting

  • Extra help & training time in other Osteen sessions
  • Small group classes for lots of individual attention may also mean your first-choice class is full for a week or two when you register. Start immediately with orientation class so you have training & materials now to start improving life with your pet today!
  • Makeup sessions for missed classes
  • Have a long-scheduled vacation or event conflict? Let us know at signup to get an extra  week or two added to cover planned time away.
  • Health, work, family crisis? Talk to us about getting extra time free in for a serious emergency. 
  • Private makeup classes in Osteen  $25 per hour throughout your series dates
  • Makeup classes in your home at regular on-the-road prices

Children in class

We love having kids in all regular classes. 

  • Adult must attend/ participate in all classes with any minor unless special permission obtained in advance
  • Adult required to hold leash at all times in PuppyLove, Basic Manners, Manners Plus classes (except during  off-leash PuppyLove work & play) 
  • Manners Plus handler under the age of 16 must first complete PuppyLove program with the dog, must use a Gentle Leader head collar & have advance permission from instructor
  • Children must remain with household members at all times
  • Children who have actively participated in our beginner group classes get more privileges with dogs in advanced programs 
  • Detour Doggie Delinquents programs for dogs with serious social issues usually restricted to attendees age 16 & older


Refund policy

 REFUND POLICY: To maintain the quality of our small, focused classes, there are no refunds once registration & payment are completed maintain the quality of our limited-size classes since we have to turn away potential students for your spot in class, or if class materials have been sent to a student before starting the class

  • Cancellations 1 week or less before a private class or the first session of a series receive full credit for an upcoming series, private class or workshop that begins within 6 months of the original start date
  • Minimum $25 fee for earlier cancellations made before first meeting with an instructor to cover time, handling & banking fees. That fee may be higher if instructor has spent extensive time before first class date answering training questions for a registered student via telephone or in person
  • Open door policy at Osteen site makes it easy to check out program before you register (many of those you see in class are successful returning students with their next generation of dogs)
  • Free makeup classes for workshops or partially completed group classes included in Osteen group classes (when space permits) during dates/time frame of your original group series
  • Class credit may be transferred to private sessions in Osteen
  • Include info at signup about conflicts with planned trips or special events to qualify for additional free makeup sessions/weeks
  • Private makeup classes for group students in Osteen for $25 per hour during original group series dates
  • Contact us directly as soon as possible about makeup options for emergency situations