Driving directions


Directions from I-4, Debary, Deltona, Orange City, DeLand, Daytona, New Smyrna areas

1835 Oak Haven Plantation Road, Osteen 32764-8872



Please download or print out directions to take along with you. Cell phone reception is spotty in the area, and best on AT&T. 

There are two places map programs may get it wrong for our location: The very first, about a block  after you enter our dirt-road subdivision, is at the curve to stay on Saddle Creek Farms Road to the left. Most programs have the right picture but some have the wrong words here.

The other common mistake still comes up on our Garmin. Hit the  “DETOUR” by road button in your routing program to BLOCK LAKE ASHBY ROAD & BOY SCOUT CAMP ROAD (IMPASSABLE SUGAR SAND, USUALLY FOR OFF-ROAD VEHICLES ONLY) {Yes, we know all caps is yelling, but this is very important, so just think of it an urgently raised-voice kind-intentions reminder.}

These directions focus on the route from northwest of Osteen. Print the portions that apply to the route you need or prefer, especially including the details after you get to our subdivision (Saddle Creek, off Pell Road) and the warning to skip Boy Scout Camp Road. Tow trucks usually won’t venture down into that section, despite the many state park signs.


There are No Outlet signs at both ends as you approach the impassable portions. If you are on the north end of Osteen, at that part of the road, you cannot see the Saddle Creek fence and mailboxes when you pass that sign, and should turn around and go south on State Road 415. (Please let your map company know about the glitch if you get a chance - we keep sending messages ourselves!)

Enter our part of Osteen further south, near the biking and hiking overpass on SR415. At that No Outlet sign on Pell as you approach our subdivision you can see the Saddle Creek Farms Road street sign and mailboxes just ahead so you know to turn there before the sign that says Pavement Ends. Saddle Creek Farms Road is a safe dirt road.

It is impossible to monitor phone calls during and around class and event times because every volunteer may be involved with attending students. This makes it doubly important that you use our directions for the Osteen site.

Landmarks listed may help you since there is 1 mile of dirt road once you turn into Saddle Creek & few street signs. 

Signs are posted & paw prints painted on some of the power poles starting on Osteen-Maytown Road, to reassure you that you are headed the right way.

When you turn right into our subdivision, feel free to drive on whichever part of the road provides you the most comfort for most of the drive – no need to stay in lower areas for a car with low clearance. Of course avoid the drainage ditches and any drainage pipe areas.

Drive slowly, no more than 10 miles per hour, once you get to the dirt road to avoid frightening horses & other livestock, as well as local wildlife. We regularly see deer, wild turkeys, hawks, bald eagles & more. Lower speeds also help preserve the road work done so far. In most sections, if there are any low spots, get up on the grass there and go very slowly as you watch for any new washouts.

FROM I-4: 
•Exit 108, DeBary/Deltona city limit sign/Enterprise exit
•East/left on Dirksen/Deltona/CR4162 (becomes Doyle Road) about 8 miles.
•Right/south at SR415 traffic light
Coming from Daytona/New Smyrna, Deltona, SR44, Howland Blvd.: south on SR415, or SR44) SR415
•A little more than 1 mile south past WalMart at Howland Blvd. & SR415
•Continue south through Doyle/CR4162 traffic light. 
For all headed south on SR415 as you enter Osteen:
•Pass Skip’s Boots, Fox Head bar/lounge on right
•Third left (tiny little blocks) onto New Smyrna Road immediately after leaving Doyle Road/CR4162, just before Volusia County biking/hiking overpass and fire station
•Immediate left on Florida Ave. which quickly becomes Osteen-Maytown Road. 
5.6 miles east on Osteen-Maytown Road before you turn again. Speed trap – 30 mph speed limit traveling eastward until you pass the golf course.

To Pell Road:
•Pass Vat & Elizabeth roads on right, Rebel Run on left, shortly before you reach Pell. 
•Left on Pell Road, after two small bridges. Small yellow Lucas Palms sign just before turn.
North on pavement at Pell Road about 4 miles
• Yellow Lucas Palms sign just before turning north onto Pell.
•Towards Wiregrass Prairie Reserve
•Pass Prideaux Road, then Oakridge Farms Road on right before next turn
•Paw prints painted on occasional power poles.
4 miles to Saddle Creek Farms Road
•No Outlet yellow sign just before turn onto Saddle Creek Farms Road.
•Last side street on right before Pell pavement ends. 

   •Paw print pointing right on last power pole on right before next turn before Saddle Creek. 
   •Right/east on Saddle Creek Farms Road
   •Short block to next turn Left at first intersection (Dog training sign high on power pole to left at that turn)
   •Total of 1 mile of safe-when-slow dirt roads to our property

   •White fencing on either side of entrance
   •Saddle Creek Farms sign on fencing & street sign
   •Mailboxes by fence, turn in between gates. 
•You are invited guests and should ignore the No Trespassing sign.
   •Drive 10 miles per hour or slower on 1-mile dirt road. Several turns to go on dirt roads
   •Very few street signs after you leave Pell

   •Left at V/split/dead-end in road to remain on Saddle Creek Farms Road at about one block on dirt road. Some GPS programs make it sound like you should turn the wrong way at this intersection

   •Right at Oak View Plantation Road (picture of street sign) where road takes right turn past fenced horse pasture, as you pass a two-story house
   •Immediate next (first) left at Oak Haven Plantation Road, grassy road, to second home on right 
   •Green-roofed storage building in back, large red paw prints. 
   •Driveway near center of front fence.  
   •Agility and obedience equipment in front fields on either side of driveway.  
   •Dog signs on fence.  

   •Small Best Paw Forward sign next to driveway

Please park behind the house. 
   •Covered area next to driveway for Basic Manners, precision work, private sessions, orientation classes, workshops
   •Smaller fenced area in rear for PuppyLove
   •Agility/obedience/show rings on front of property