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Beginner manners/obedience/agility/BEHAVIOR/AGGRESSION

Weekday, evening, weekend small group & private classes


On rainy days, class moves indoors at our Osteen site. If it is raining for the next few weeks, we move to the house for real life house training, then back to our puppy barn after that. Like most businesses & clubs, life goes on even when it rains. 

Open enrollment program means you can start class this week - no waiting for a far-off start date!  

PuppyLove, Basic Manners beginner series include free optional agility introduction at Osteen site

Orientation & class times at 

Orientation, a very- active Week 1 for PuppyLove or Basic Manners students & their pups, required at a different time &/or day from rest of your series

Jump right in after orientation at regular class times at either location.  Please read how to get ready for your first class/orientation at 

Online appointment booking for orientation, series, private sessions available at 

  Easy down-load class registration form 

Advance payment, completed form required for discount offers (see  for discount codes)  for class form to pay

Class schedule

Beginner manners, obedience/agility/rally for fun & competition, conformation, nose work


 For better manners, fun or competition interest at all levels. You choose - no pressure!  

Intermediate through competition classes in Osteen Small groups, private, workshops: exciting & fun agility (lighted agility/field), rally, obedience, tricks, fitness, play times, ring/fenced property rental, safe ponds for swims to help dogs stay healthy & happy. Scent works, conformation, tracking, common behavior problems, physical conditioning, retriever field work & much more! 



  • Fastest learning time in their lives
  • Improved vaccines protect pups through mom's immune system
  • Same protocol as that of major veterinary universities that offer puppy classes for pups as young as 7 weeks old


Studies point out the importance of early group sessions for mental & social development, with the fastest, strongest benefits for contact with people before the pup is 16 weeks old. PuppyLove is a great place to start!  No need to wait for entire puppy shot series due to medical advances.    

World-renowned lecturer, trainer, researcher Dr. Ian Dunbar recommends pups meet 100 people before they are 8 weeks old, and that they meet another 100 people before they are 16 weeks old. Dunbar is the founder of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the largest dog trainers group in the world.          

Best Paw Forward Inc. head trainer P.J. Lacette is  charter member 15 in the APDT. 

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Private programs for friendly dogs 

in Osteen & in your home

Osteen programs for dogs with social issues



4 p.m. Sun. Osteen

7 p.m. Mon. PuppyLove Osteen

6:30 p.m. Tues. DeLand

Current PuppyLove DeLand & Osteen students invited to  drop in on Mon. & Sun. PuppyLove free for extra help or to make up missed class days

Same guidelines for Basic Manners students in Basic classes

Includes free puppy agility intro added onto Osteen sessions 

Approved-dogs playtimes:

6 p.m. Sundays

11 a.m. Thursdays

Bonnie Bryan Brown reviewed Best Paw Forward Dog Sports Club  on Facebook — many 5 star reviews

Best Paw Forward Sports Club owner PJ is knowledgeable, patient and trainer extraordinaire. Her insight into dog training  and years of experiences with different breeds of dogs provides a wide base of training expertise. PJ supplies practical applications for each skill throughout the training classes and encourages you and your dog to be the best. Her gentle training methods work! My dog has a closer bond with me, delightful manners and respects both human and animal kind. Best Paw Forward Inc. in Osteen

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