Sign up/pay in advance for discounts

PuppyLove &r Basic Manners codes below. Other class levels already discounted.

Discount codes work in your shopping cart online. An additional $10 discount is automatically included when you pay online at least 24 hours before your orientation class (Week 1). Please submit a completed registration form from   Contact us before your class or let us know when you attend  if you are unable to register online to get your discounts.

  • 10: (that is the discount code for an additional $10 discount  in your online shopping cart): for a rescue dog, senior handler 50 & up, or active duty military personnel/firefighter/police officer  families 
  • ServiceDog - $20 off for current/future service dogs
  • WelcomeBack - $35 off for our many returning student
  • RescueReferral: $35 off if rescue dog is sent by group/shelter
  • BreederBasic: $35 off if referred by reputable breeders with health clearances & titles on sire/dam
  • NewHelper - volunteers pay only $55 orientation
  • SpringOaks - $65 off for Spring Oaks Animal Clinic clients at that location
  • BreederPuppyLove - $65 off if referred by reputable breeders with health clearances & titles on sire/dam
  • TrainGroomBreed - $65 off for experienced trainers, groomers, breeders
  • 2nddog - $90 off second dog in same household attending Basic Manners
  • Vet - $95  for veterinarian or staff

Become a "Best Paw Forward property angel" volunteer

 Keeping dogs in loving homes is very important to us here at Best Paw Forward Inc., so we offer lots of ways you can get the help you need, at affordable prices. 

Learn more about dogs, have fun, and save money at the same time.

 Work study & barter programs make our group programs accessible to everyone. Most work study tasks and barter opportunities are available on our Osteen property.   

Find out more below

Work/trade for your classes

Work study


Register as soon as possible to reserve work study spots. Work study hours: usually 2 hours per week of class after $55 orientation.

Got special skills, like outdoor work?


Extra credit/fewer hours for skilled labor or physically-hard tasks like construction projects, yard work or repairs.

Backhoe access & skills so we can add dock diving to our fun programs

 Fencing installation, repair, supplies


Electrical work, lighting, supplies

 Mowing, edging, trimming, weeding

Mower maintenance

Barn work  

Barter & indoor work available too


 Answering E-mails (PC/Office/Outlook 

skills required)

Cleaning (house or outdoors)

​​Cleaning/maintaining office equipment & computers


Bring bags of gravel or concrete for our dirt road - get double in credit what you spend. More barter items listed below

Are you already a BPF student?


 Longtime volunteers can work from home:

  • Telephone calls
  • Update Facebook, Twitter, web page ​

To reserve your class or club program spot


Set up an appointment time. Bring in or e-mail completed signed paperwork for work study and class registration.

Most work done at our Osteen site


 Prime work times: 

  • Mondays 2-4 p.m.
  • Wednesdays 9-4 p.m.
  • Thursdays  noon-8 p.m.
  • Fridays 2-7 p.m.
  • Saturdays


Barter items needed

  • Road fill, gravel, crushed concrete
  • Fill dirt 
  • Bags of concrete
  • Fencing
  •  ​Paving stones   
  • Trees, vegetables, flowers 
  • Construction supplies, skills 
  • Picnic tables & benches 
  • Outdoor seating 
  • Software updates - PC
  • Plumbing, trenching
  • Vehicle detailing, maintenance
  • Movable chicken tractor coop, permanent chick coop

Free workshops for animal shelters, rescue groups

How foster homes and shelters can create dog skills that get pets adopted, and help keep them in their new homes.  

Find out more