The best class for me & my dog right now?

Our innovative open enrollment program means you can start class this week - no waiting for a far-off start date! 

Register online today for orientation (Week 1) in a small-group PuppyLove or Basic Manners program with experienced trained professionals & volunteers. 

Easy on-line registration forms:

Advance payment & completed form required for discount offers (let us know if you have any challenges with our online materials).

PuppyLove & Basic Manners

Much of the same  material covered in PuppyLove & Basic Manners

Extra material & off-leash work included in PuppyLove

PuppyLove limited to pups 8-18 weeks old at orientation

Basic Manners limited to friendly dogs 18 weeks through adults

Positive, not permissive

Early socialization in a safe, well-run puppy program can actually increase neural pathways in the brain for pups that continue socializing when they first come to their new homes, up to the age of 16 weeks. 

Basic Manners for adolescent &  adult dogs. 

Fix any bad habits that have already surfaced

Start improving social skills today.

  • Obedience tricks like sit, down, stand, stay, heel, come, look at me, polite greetings.
  • How to prevent or stop common behavior problems including jumping up, barking, digging, chewing, stealing your things, play biting, house-training, pulling on leash and more.
  • PuppyLove  includes a formal 5-step bite inhibition program and off-leash work.
  • $195 for 10 weeks in Osteen or 7 weeks in DeLand. Automatic $10 discount for registering and paying online. See Discounts page for more cost savings, including big discount for clients at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, our DeLand home.
  •  Start as soon as you get your next puppy, as we do with our own pups at 8 weeks of age. 

No need to wait for final puppy shots since improvements in puppy shots make it safer than ever to come to class when your puppy is quite young.

     Studies also point out the importance of early group sessions for mental & social development, with the fastest, strongest benefits for contact before the pup is 16 weeks old.

      World-renowned lecturer, trainer, researcher Ian Dunbar recommends pups meet 100 people before they are 8 weeks old, and that they meet another 100 people before they are 16 weeks old. Dunbar is the founder of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the largest dog trainers group in the world. 

          Best Paw Forward Inc. head trainer P.J. Lacette is charter member 15 in the APDT.

Private classes - we are happy to provide:

Individual sessions in your home or in Osteen for friendly dogs.

Nervous, shy, aggressive, dominant dogs may also get individual sessions at our Osteen home base.

  • Private sessions you can take one at a time. Don't sign up for pricey packages  elsewhere. Take each session when you’re ready – no pressure. 
  • Discount for coming to our location.
  • Discount for experienced trainers who are ready for innovative, gentle help with performance & show training.
  • Available times in our on-line appointment book.
  •  Private classes in Osteen $55/hour for friendly dogs, $85/hour for dogs with social issues.  
  •  Private classes in your home for friendly dogs  $75-$95 per hour depending on distance from our home base. Additional mileage fees for locations more than 30 driving miles from our site.

Private sessions for my pup younger than 18 weeks old

We are happy to provide private classes for young pups, especially if that is what your schedule and needs dictate. Both our private and small group classes teach pups how to focus around distractions, to respect and like other dogs and other breeds, and are a great foundation for happy, friendly dogs in the future.

If you are taking the PuppyLove (or Basic Manners) series, private sessions at Osteen during your series are just $25.

Detour Doggie Delinquents

Specially designed for dogs that are:

  • excessively shy
  • nervous
  • fearful
  • dominant
  •  aggressive
  • possessive

Private sessions are available for Detouring Doggie Delinquents pets at our Osteen home base.  Programs are geared to your family’s & dog’s individual needs.  Periodically we also offer workshops & continuing education sessions for our Detour Doggie Delinquents teams.