Best Paw Forward Inc.: Gentle, effective, experienced dog training


PuppyLove: 8-18 weeks old on start date



  • For pups 8-18 weeks old at orientation
  •  No need to wait for final puppy shots -- improvements in puppy shots make it safer than ever to come to a well-run class with very young puppies
  •  Stop puppy biting & house training problems within a day or two 
  • On-leash & off-training
  • Behavior (jumping up, barking, housetraining, chewing, stealing etc.)
  • Obedience tricks (sit, down, stand, stay, come, heel, fetch) 
  •  Extra material included in PuppyLove so start 'em young!
  •  Play times 
  • Free agility introduction in Osteen
  •  Sun. afternoon or Mon. evening in Osteen, 10 week series
  • Tues. evening at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, DeLand, 7 week series for class signup  form

Basic Manners: older pups, adult dogs




  • Beginner program for pups older than 18 weeks, adolescent & adult dogs
  • Started somewhere else and now realize you need more experienced, detailed help?
  • Behavior - jumping up, pulling on leash, barking, chewing, stealing, housetraining, etc.
  • Obedience - tricks, sit, down, stand, stay, come, heel
  • Fix bad habits
  • Create good habits
  • Improve rough social skills
  • Free agility introduction in Osteen
  • Sun. afternoon, Mon. morning or Wed. evening at Best Paw Forward Inc. in Osteen, 10 week series
  • Tues. evening at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center,  DeLand, 7 week series
  • for class signup form

Detour Doggie Delinquents


 Is your dog

  • extremely shy?
  • nervous?
  • bossy?
  • possessive?
  • dominant?
  • protective?
  • territorial?
  • aggressive?

Private sessions, periodic workshops or monthly small-group program for busy schedules

See for details & forms for our specialized, gentle private & group programs that work!
You can

  • build more confidence
  • stop or decrease reactive responses
  • help dogs with social issues

Use gentle, proven, effective, science-based methods to find your way back to more fun with your dog. 

  • Innovative open enrollment program
  • Start class this week by scheduling  your orientation (no waiting for a far-off start date)
  • Start as soon as you get your next puppy or rescue dog & make life with your dog great from the start.
  • Prevent or change things that annoy you about living with your cool dog (sorry - we can't make him stop shedding, but we can make training him so productive & so much fun you won't mind cleaning up the hair so much any more!)
  • Great therapy dog foundation

Positive, not permissive

PuppyLove & Basic Manners

  • Pup's age determines which session to take
  • Parallel programs for beginners
  • Similar material covered in both (more included in PuppyLove)
  • Free optional agility introduction in Osteen

We start with our own pups at 8 weeks of age, and most veterinary university puppy classes do too. Powerful and important social & mental development is the result.

(Details on  private training or social issues programs below)

Both programs:

  • Obedience tricks: sit, down, stand, stay, heel, come, look at me, polite greetings
  • Behavior: jumping up, barking, digging, chewing, stealing your things, play biting, house-training, pulling on leash & more
  • $195  for 10 weeks in Osteen or 7 weeks in DeLand
  • Automatic $10 discount for registering/paying online at least one day before orientation
  • More discounts at 
  •  Advance payment, completed class registration form required for discount offers (let us know if you need assistance with or alternatives for online materials)  
  • Extra discount for clinic clients taking class at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, DeLand
  • Free drop-ins included at Osteen site, class size permitting, for extra help & training time, & for makeup sessions for missed classes
  • Private makeup classes in Osteen  $25 per hour throughout series weeks. Makeup classes in your home at regular on-the-road prices
  • 10-week Osteen session may include Manners Plus intermediate program for more experienced trainers or owners with free time for independent study & free optional sessions

Register online todayat  in online appointment booking for orientation (Week 1) in a small-group PuppyLove or Basic Manners program with experienced trained professionals & volunteers. 

Easy on-line registration forms

Reserve your spot with payment at 

Our Sun. Basic Manners & PuppyLove sessions fill up fast so jump in right now!

  • Take orientation this week,and/ or register & pay today to reserve your spot
  • Get access to class materials as soon as you take orientation
  • If Sun. class fills, as happens frequently, get started now on improving life for you & your dog in a different Osteen session then quickly move to Sun. if that is the best day for you.

     Our group classes are small (6 dogs per class in Osteen) so you get lots of individual attention. If the class of your choice is full when you register, you can start immediately at your orientation class and then join your regular time/day series right away if there is room in the class right now, or in a few weeks as class numbers allow.  

     You also have the option of jumping into one of our other sessions now, then moving to your preferred spot in a week or two.

     Only  your actual class weeks count in your package, of course. By orientation provide any class dates you'll miss due to scheduled events  (plus add serious emergency dates later) and get extra weeks of class. 

     Free drop-ins for extra help or for  makeup classes when you miss a session for last-minute events are available at other weekly sessions when space permits.  Private sessions for current series students are $25 per hour in Osteen.


Private classes - we are happy to provide:


Individual sessions in your home or at Osteen home base for friendly dogs.

Individual sessions at Osteen home base for nervous, shy, aggressive, dominant dogs

  • Private sessions you can take one at a time --lots of help right away
  • Take your next session when you’re ready – no pressure
  • Discount for coming to Osteen
  • Discount for Osteen sessions for experienced trainers who are ready for innovative, gentle help with performance & show training
  • Available times in our on-line appointment book
  •  Private classes in Osteen $55/hour for friendly dogs, $85/hour for dogs with social issues  
  •  Private classes in your home for friendly dogs  $75-$95 per hour depending on distance from our home base. Additional mileage fees for locations more than 30 driving miles from our site.

Do I need private sessions for my pup or dog?

We are happy to provide private classes for young pups as well as teenage & adult dogs, especially if that is what your schedule and needs dictate. Both our private and small group classes teach pups how to focus around distractions, to respect and like other dogs and other breeds, and are a great foundation for happy, friendly dogs in the future. 

(All of our instructors & our volunteers always start their own friendly pups & dogs in our group programs.)