K9 Fitness Challlenge


Improve your dog’s speed, strength, flexibility and body awareness to more safely and accurately perform in your chosen sports

Provide safe, low-impact interactions for your puppy to develop body awareness and confident social skills

Make your conformation dog’s topline firmer, improve his reach and drive, help her comfortably and easily stack longer in the show ring

Maintain or increase your senior dog’s joint stability and function, improve your dog’s quality of life after being diagnosed with a degenerative disease and/or safely return your dog to normal activity after surgery

Fitness options when the weather is not conducive to outdoor activities

Help your dog shed those extra pounds

6-week K9 Fitness Challenge began in 6 p.m.  Thurs. sessions March 7. 

Small group class; limited registration

  • Focus on core exercises to benefit every dog at any age
  • Additional exercises adapted to each dog’s specific needs based on dog’s fitness/medical history & handler’s goals
  • Weekly foundation exercises for home practice provided
  • Evaluation of dog’s progress
  • Learn next steps for progress in show, agility, strength & fitness, body awareness

E-mail or call 407-321-1006 for upcoming session dates.

Beginning Scent Work


6 week series

Register at:

Starting Scent session, limited to 6 students plus class helpers

began 7 p.m. Thursdays on March 7

Scent Work -- popular new activity

Channels dog’s natural sniffing ability & desire to hunt

Fun for handlers

Easy way to build dog's confidence, focus

Nearly every dog can learn to successfully participate in Scent Work (even puppies & dogs with social issues)

Encourage a distinct alert behavior 

Teach dog to focus on target scent, ignore distractions

Recognize when your dog has found a target scent

Learn how scent movement affects dog’s hunting behavior

How to properly handle search odors, manage dog’s searching strategy

Same concepts can be transferred to Handler Discrimination for obedience and Scent Work.

$120 for 6 weeks

 E-mail or call 407-321-1006 for upcoming session dates. 


Detour Doggie Delinquents for: extremely shy, nervous, bossy, possessive, protective, territorial, aggressive dogs.

Ready for a quick doggie attitude boost?


If your dog is annoying you in many ways:

For one week or more prior to your first class, or if you find his good behavior slipping for any reason (busy schedule, sabotage from friends or family, stressful time) it is helpful to hand feed your dog for doing simple obedience tricks or new fun skills like fetch or roll over.

Dole out a few pieces at a time of higg-quality dry or specialty dog food (we are feeding our own dogs Orijen, Acana, Fromm and a few others, mostly grain-free) for paying you attention in a polite way, or for learning or practicing his tricks, throughout the day & evening. 

Give him his full ration of food without using the dog food bowl. 

If you are limited in time at home due to your work hours or other responsibilities, do this just for the evening meal or whenever works for you. 

This also helps a new dog bond to you faster. Dole it out a piece at a time or a handful at a time for doing useful tricks and demonstrating better manners.