FIT, FLEX, FLY Workshop: Physical Conditioning for Show, Performance, Recovery


  Rain during your class in Osteen? Class moves to the house, training barn or under covered pavillion


 Performance & show physical conditioning

9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Sun. July 28  Take one or both sessions

Small group class limited to 6 - lots of individual attention

Focus on what you need right now & in the future    

For show & performance dogs

$40 per session Improve you dog's jumping & running in agility, obedience, rally, dock diving etc.

Keep bars up in agility

Smoother heeling or jumps in rally & obedience

Jump further in dock diving

Improve reach & drive, topline in show  dogs 

Develop body awareness, confident social skills

Supplement training & breeding programs with improved speed, strength, flexibility  
Safely return to normal activity after illness, surgery, injuryIndoor fitness options for a rainy day
Also improve:

  • field
  • herding
  • carting
  • drafting
  • weight pulls
  • barn hunt 
  • Jogging with you

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Winning Solutions Clicker Conformation Workshop


2-hour problem solving & practice for dogs of all ages & sizes, including young puppies, & for handlers at all levels. Limited to 6 handlers & workshop-helper handlers

9 a.m. Sat. July 13, 2019,  Best Paw Forward Inc., Osteen

Innovative, personalized tips

Eliminating problem behaviors

Perfect head carriage. 

Superior free stacking 

Increased handler and dog confidence

Extend reach, drive through training

Smooth gaiting on a loose lead

Targeting for a great ring performance

Improve your owner handling skills

Connecting with your dog

Show attitude on cue

How to beat the pros

When to use a pro 

Show judges what they want to see

Evaluate structure

$35 per handler, $20 per observer

Early-bird discount: Paid-in-advance registration $25, available through July 10. Includes multiple handlers in same household 

Open & complete Seminar, Workshop or Event Registration Form below. Use Word or the free Google Doc for advance registration discount (so we spend your class time on working, not paperwork)


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Exciting & fun agility (lighted agility field), rally, obedience, tricks, fitness, play times, ring/fenced property rental, safe ponds for swims, all help dogs stay healthy & happy. Workshops & periodic series on scent work, conformation, tracking, common behavior issues, physical conditioning, retriever field work & much more!

Ready for a quick doggie attitude boost?


If your dog is annoying you in many ways:

For one week or more prior to your first class, or if you find his good behavior slipping for any reason (busy schedule, sabotage from indulgent friends or family, stressful time) it is helpful to hand feed your dog for doing simple obedience tricks or new fun skills like fetch or roll over.

Dole out a few pieces at a time of high-quality dry or specialty dog food for paying attention to you in a polite way, or for learning or practicing his tricks, throughout the day & evening. 

Give him his full ration of food without using the dog food bowl. 

If you are limited in time at home due to your work hours or other responsibilities, do this just for the evening meal or whenever works for you. 

This also helps a new dog bond to you faster. Dole it out a piece at a time or a handful at a time for doing useful tricks and demonstrating better manners.