Agility Beginning Concepts

New weekly session 9 a.m. Wednesdays through Nov. 28

Weekend classes moved to Sundays

PuppyLove & Basic Manners 5 p.m., Manners Plus 1 p.m., Obedience Competition 3 p.m., Agility intermediate/advanced 4 p.m.

Rally run-thrus

2 p.m. Sundays Oct. 14 & 21

Conformation workshop

10 a.m. Sun. Oct. 21


Detour Doggie Delinquents for: extremely shy, nervous, bossy, possessive, protective, territorial, aggressive dogs.

Ready for a quick doggie attitude boost?

If your dog is annoying you in many ways:

For one week or more prior to your first class, or if you find his good behavior slipping for any reason (busy schedule, sabotage from friends or family, stressful time) it is helpful to hand feed your dog for doing simple obedience tricks or new fun skills like fetch or roll over.

Dole out a few pieces at a time of hihg-quality dry or specialty dog food (we are feeding our own dogs Orijen, Acana, Fromm and a few others, mostly grain-free) throughout the day & evening. 

Give him his full ration of food without using the dog food bowl. 

If you are limited in time at home due to your work hours or other responsibilities, do this just for the evening meal or whenever works for you. 

This also helps a new dog bond to you faster.